Helvellyn / Striding Edge / Swirral Edge



12km / 7.5miles

950 Metres

Approximate Duration
6 Hrs 30 Mins

Glenridding Car Park

Arranged at booking. (Normally Between 0830hrs & 0930hrs)

About the walk

From Glenridding we will follow the path along Gillside to the laid paths up Mires Beck and little cove which will lead us up onto Birkhouse moor this gives us our first real view of the crags along Striding Edge and Helvellyn and views down in the opposite direction over Ullwater.

The route now follows the ridge climbing onto Striding Edge where we will follow the sharp ridge until the final steep climb to the summit of Helvellyn.

From the summit we will descend over Swirral Edge to the summit of Catstye Cam where we will again have great views down to Ullswater and back across Red Tarn to Striding Edge.

We then descend from Catstye Cam down to Red Tarn and follow

the path back to the hole in the wall crossing back over our ascent route taking in the view of Grisedale this path will take us to Lantys Tarn and back into Glenridding.

Summits on this walk

Birkhouse Moor
718 Metres

Catstye Cam
890 Metres

950 Metres