Great Gable Via the Gable Girdle



10.4km / 6.5miles

978 Metres

Approximate Duration
7 Hrs

Seathwaite Farm Car Park

Arranged at booking. (Normally Between 0830hrs & 0930hrs)

About the walk

Great gable is credited as being the starting point of British mountaineering

This is a shorter walk but steep and rough underfoot at times, glorious views over Ennerdale, Borrowdale, Wasdale and the Scafell range throughout.

From Seathwaite we head west taking the steep but good path up Sour Milk Gill leading us through Gillercomb to Mitchell Cove, taking the path directly to Green gable our first summit of the walk we the drop down into the wind gap and take the path leading in  a westerly direction on the North Traverse under the awesome north face of Great gable (Gable Crag) with views down into Ennerdale.this leads us to Beck Head Tarn looking directly at Kirk fell.

We now head south on the steadily rising path under the White Napes then bearing east on the South Traverse we cross the Little Hell Gate scree and a short walk up to take the higher traverse through the Great Napes and visit the famous Napes Needle moving along to the start of the Great Hell Gate of which we ascend to Westmorland Crags and the our destination the summit of Great Gable. we then descend to Styhead Tarnand return via the West side of Styhead gill to get the full view of Taylorgill force waterfall and then follow the path for the return to Seathwaite.

Summits on this walk

Green Gable
801 Metres

Great Gable
899 Metres